CBR Electronics, Hyderabad
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CBR Electronics, Electronics & Accessories, Hyderabad

CBR Electronics, Hyderabad

Company Information

CBR ELECTRONICS is one of the leading company. It is an ISO 9001:2000 certification company product. We recently completed a 15 years of marketing in sales and services.

Customer satisfaction through excellence in quality is our mission.


We have a team of experts, which maintains supervision at customer services. The trust was built by providing quality products every time and the promise of durability and accuracy that comes with each product.


As we value the customer and their complete satisfaction, we provide sales service for our weighing & measuring accessories. We provide an excellence sales and services for all kind of weights and measures - Price Computing Scale, Jeweler Weighing Scale, Economy Weighing Scale etc.


Sales & Services:

v   Cash Counting Machines

v   Interest Rate Display

v   Fake Note Detectors

v   Token Display

v   Gold Weighing Machine

v   Cash Binding Machine

v   Multi Counter Token Display

v   Other Bank Products

  • Contact Person : P.Rajender

    • Address : H-No. 10-4/5, Flat No.2, P.V.N. Colony, Near St.Ann's College, , Malkajgiri

    • City : Hyderabad

    • State : Telangana

  • Mobile : 91- 9849383708

  • Phone : 91- 40-65227056

  • Email : cbr_electronics@yahoo.co.in

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CBR Electronics
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